Slip Cadence – Alzheimer’s Modern Dance Video: Amyloid Diseases

Watch a beautiful modern dance video that explores the twists and turns in a relationship between two people, one of whom has Alzheimer’s, at The Emergent Universe, an online interactive science museum about emergence.

Dancing with Alzheimer’s

How will a grown daughter’s relationship with her aging father evolve as her father develops Alzheimer’s?

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note: video is called Slip Cadence

"Slip Cadence" is a film about the changes that occur in a close relationship when Alzheimer's Disease begins to manifest itself. The film, commissioned by the Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter (ICAM), was created as an exhibit for the online museum


Living with Alzheimer’s

An excellent resource, written by an insightful medical social worker, that uses many anecdotal accounts to illustrate how to truly connect with persons with Alzheimer’s: N. Pearce, Inside Alzheimer’s: How to hear and Honor Connections with a Person Who Has Dementia (Forrason, Taylors, SC, 2007).

An informative look into what it’s like to have Alzheimer’s, why Alzheimer’s individuals respond in the ways they do, and how we can most effectively interact with them: J. K. Coste, Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s (Houghton Mifflin, Boston, MA, 2003).

A journalist beautifully recounts how she finds humanity and comes to terms with Alzheimer’s through her work at an Alzheimer’s care facility: L. Kessler, Dancing with Rose: Finding Life in the Land of Alzheimer’s (Viking, NY, 2007).

A candid, insightful first-person account of one woman’s descent into early-onset Alzeimer’s: D. F. McGowin, Living in the Labyrinth: A Personal Journey Through the Maze of Alzheimer’s (Delacorte, NY, 1993).

A thoughtful first-person account addressing the complexity of emotional issues experienced by those with Alzheimer’s: R. Taylor, Alzheimer’s from the Inside Out (Health Professions, Baltimore, MD, 2007).

Because it’s written as a resource for teens, this book presents quality information in a straight-up, no-frills fashion: E. Willett, Alzheimer’s Disease, Diseases and People Series (Enslow, NJ, 2002).

The award-winning short video My Name is Lisa presents a story about teens and Alzheimer’s:

Personal stories from individuals with Alzheimer’s and their caretakers:

Overview of Early-onset Familial Alzheimer’s:

Alzheimer’s Resources

Alzheimer’s Disease International provides links for Alzheimer’s organizations in many countries:

The Alzheimer’s Association website is extensive, with everything from current medical information to caretaking advice, local resource information, statistics, personal stories and more:

The National Institute on Aging’s Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral Center (ADEAR):

Ways you can help (U.S.):

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