Utermohlen’s Alzheimer’s Self-Portraits: Amyloid Diseases

Experience Alzheimer’s through art. See William Utermohlen’s self-portraits chronicling his descent into dementia at The Emergent Universe, an online interactive science museum about emergence.

Alzheimer’s from the Inside

William Utermohlen, an artist who died from Alzheimer’s disease in 2007, left the world an expressive legacy. During the 5 years following his diagnosis in 1995, Utermohlen painted a series of self-portraits chronicling the progression of his illness.


William Utermohlen

Exhibit and lecture, The Later Works of William Utermohlen, NY Academy of Medicine, 2006.
Catalog: www.medicine.nevada.edu/dept/OME/humanities/Utermohlen-Exhibit-Catalog-October-2006.pdf
DVD (may no longer be available): http://www.alzheimers.org/adlib/fullrec.aspx?id=10596

Earlier works by William Uterhmohlen: http://www.galbob.fr/

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